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7 Things to avoid in order to sleep with good quality

Sleep soundly and qualified for 8 hours a day is highly coveted by everyone. Lack of sleep makes the body becomes lethargic and sick. Sometimes we do not consciously do things that make us even harder to sleep.

7 Things to avoid in order to sleep with good quality :

1. Work

You have to work in the office almost a day, so don’t continue work at home. Our bodies need time to rest. Preferably office work unfinished, can be done the next day. The brain is constantly concentrating until midnight to stimulate the body to work through the night and cause stress. This will interfere with the quality of our sleep.

2. Looking at Computer Screen / TV / Gadgets

Exposure to radiation television, gadgets or the Internet may affect the body’s ability to sleep. Light from TV or computer can inhibit the development of melatonin, a hormone that makes sense to sleep. We recommend that you turn off the TV and computer an hour before bed. Likewise with our gadgets, turn it off and keep it away from the bed. If placed near the bed, in addition to the radiation that is not good for health can also be intrigued to open up more of our gadgets.

3. Too much to drink

We recommend reducing drinking in the hours before bedtime. During sleep, the body will work to absorb nutrients and filter out toxins in the body. The process will be disrupted if too much fluid goes in and makes us often woke up to go to the toilet.

4. Take a hot bath

Take a hot bath can indeed help us fast asleep at the right time, but not when we intend to sleep immediately after a shower. So at least one hour before bedtime. Don’t set the water temperature too hot because it will make the body sweat and consequently it will be hard to sleep.

5. Reading Books

Someone say, if disturbed sleep, read a book, it can make us sleep well. It could be nothing like that, but this is a habit that should be avoided. If the books we read it turns out exciting and fun, instead you curious to read until the end. That surprised that the time we finished reading the book, we realized if it was morning.

6. Turn on the room lights

There can not sleep if the room lights on. Well this ought to be trained slowly so every time you go to sleep, the room lights turned off. Room lights were turned off will make we can not see anything and this condition make us focus on fast asleep.

Night’s sleep with the lights on also inhibits the production of melatonin, which plays a role in preventing and inhibiting the growth of cancer cells in the body. Preferably turn off lights during the night so that they can produce the hormone melatonin more leverage when we are asleep.

7. Sleeping with pets

Sleeping with pets would be very pleasant. However, you should avoid this so that the quality of sleep is more awake. Sleeping with the animals also can be bad for health, especially who are allergic to animal fur.

That’s 7 things to avoid in order to sleep with a good quality. The last is, use best rated mattresses so our bodies refreshed in the morning.

Happy sleep!

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